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Hotelgäste trainieren auf einem Peloton-Fahrrad

Customer Story

The Thompson Central Park New York Leverages Peloton as a Key Pillar of Their Wellness Offering and Programming

Peloton permeates all aspects of the guest experience at the Thompson – from fitness center Peloton Bikes to in-room streaming and off-property walks in Central Park.


New York, New York

Number of rooms:


Number of Bikes:


On the leaderboard since:

November 2021

Top 3 Class Types:

30 min Pop Ride w/ Cody Rigsby
20 min Pop Ride w/ Cody Rigsby
30 min HIIT & Hills Ride w/ Olivia Amato

Avg. Total Engaged Workouts/Week:

28+ average workouts/week

“[The Thompson Central Park] is guided by Hyatt’s purpose of care, which is simple: we want our guests to be at their best,” explains Amanda Reed, Director of Sales & Marketing at the Thompson Central Park. More than ever, guests are looking for robust wellness offerings when they stay at a hotel, and the Thompson is working to make it easy for guests to tap into fitness and wellness options throughout their stay. “We continue to seek out meaningful and effective collaborations in this space in an effort to support our guests to achieve balance and Peloton is a pillar of that offering,” Reed says.

The Thompson has had Peloton Bikes since its opening in November 2021 and has continued to build on the experience from there. “Similar to the Thompson brand, Peloton continues to evolve their programming and helps us to layer the guest wellness experience beyond a large room with treadmills and weights,” shares Reed. The team highlights their Bikes to their guests as a part of their fitness offering through pre-arrival emails and guest-facing collateral. “Guests love the Bikes, and the feedback has been positive,” she says. They also encourage guests to use the Peloton App in their room during their stay, providing instructions for casting the App to the TV, and recommend App usage off-property in the nearby Central Park through guided outdoor walks, as well.

The Thompson serves both as a testing ground for guests new to Peloton to try a class and as a place for Peloton Members to stay when they’re visiting New York – sometimes with a class at Peloton Studios on the itinerary. The hotel has brought in influential Peloton Members like @momsofpeloton, striving to deeply engage the Peloton community beyond their Bikes. “We’re incredibly thankful for our partnership with Peloton,” Reed says.

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